Monday, February 13, 2012

"The Start of Something New"

Musical reference in the subject line....anyone? Elise's favorite movie!!! Did you know Zac Efron doesn't actually sing in HSM...yeah I know crazy right!?! They dubb someone else for him....Anyway...
Hola Mi Familia!

Ah! This computer is being dumb so forgive me if not everything gets capatalized!

OH MY HECK!!!! what a crazy past 4 1/2 days! I don't even know where to begin.... so mom and company dropped me off on wednesday afternoon and we went and got my name tags, language books and scriptures. they give us a really nice pair of spanish scriptures. I then had to drop my bags off real quick like and go meet our district. We have a pretty good group of guys who are pretty fun for the most part.... ;) My comp is Elder Eggers from Sacramento.  Ha! I don't really know what to tell you about him. He snores REALLY LOUDLY at night!

We wake up at 6 AM so we can get in the shower before everyone and won't have to wait in line. Our schedule is different everyday but we usually have meals at the same time each day. Life gets pretty tedious sitting in desks all day long. I've already learne so much though! I can pray in spanish and bear my testimony in spanish and that is just within the first 2 days! I'm a lot more advanced than everyone in my district and know a lot more than them. They are always asking me questions. I have the opportunity to test out and go to a highter class, but that would involve changing teachers, districs, rooms, ect. And i just got adjusted so I don't know if I want to change. What we are doing is a good review for me though. So we've already taught 2 lessons in spanish to an investigator! It is diffucult, but coming along. the investigator is acutally my RA from last semster! ha! it's great! I came with him the MTC TRC to volunteer last semester and he mentioned he was going to try and get a job here. guess he did... It's weird teaching him cause I know who he really is and can't just talk to him as his own self cause he's an "investigator" anyway...

So I saw jared and Wesley and a few other guys from my student ward the 1st day I was here! Ah! It was so good to see them! I've missed them both so much! Unfortunatley our schedules aren't the same so I haven't seem them at all since. I did see Jared at the fireside last night.

So it snowed yesterday! Like basically the whole day. really didn't stop at all. So unfortunately we didn't get to go on our temple walk. sundays are pretty chill. we have like 8 hours total of personal study. It's great...i guess.... we also have to prepare a 5 minute talk in spanish on the subject of last week's sacrament meeting and during the current week's sacrament meeting they will call on 2 missionaries to give their talks. luckily they won't call on us for a few weeks since we are new. I also went to choir yesterday! it was powerful! I felt like I was singing a song in general confernece! I hope we get to sing in priesthood session! that would be awesome! i finally saw elder branning at choir! we talked and introduced ourselves! he seems like a pretty cool guy!

well things are going well I guess. it's hard and discouraging already, but at the same time uplifting and exciting! thanks for the package mom! made my day! i appreciate all of you letters and words of encrouagement! They are uplifting during hard times! tell people to write makes me feel special!

well, I'm about out of time so I should go soon! I already LOVE being a missionary soo much!!!! It really is the greatest ever! The spirit is so fantastic here and it is great being with other people that are here for the same purpose! i hope I haven't left anything out....

Well i LOVE being a missionary and missionary work!

I miss and love you all tons111

Yo que se vive me senor!

con much amor,

elder Joyner

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