Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Week......

Hola Mi Familia! Wow! Another week has gone by! Just 2 more weeks and only 1 P-Day and we have transfers again! Crazy how fast those go! Sounds like you are all doing well and not too much new. Same here not too much is new. So we had a Cumple Meses this week! We are now up to 7 months in the mission! Crazy how time flies! So crazy! And so it continues to fly. First mom, I need to tell you that I wasn't able to buy shoes this week. I took out the money out of my card and then went to the major shoe store they have here and there were no shoes in my size! The biggest they have is a 10, I think. I think they said they have 11s, but couldn't find any. I've been contemplating whether or not to go to Agua Prieta or not, but they have the same shoe store there, and I fear they won't have my size either. I just have a big foot I guess. Oh well! I can tolerate and live with what I have for a few more months. So this week we had a really special visit that I want to share. There is a less active that my companion has never visited and he has been here for 4 months and so we decided to go visit her and get to know her. Her name is Hermana Emma and when we arrived she happily invited us in and said it was a miracle that we came to visit. She then proceeded to tell us how much of a rough time she has been having and how depressed she has been. She is in her 60s and about 2 years ago her mom died and it has been really hard on her and she has been really depressed and has had a lot of pressure weighing down on her. She said it has been over a year since she stopped coming to church and even longer, that the missionaries have come to visit. She kept saying how everyone has forgotten about her. After she told us about all the depression and pressure she was having we asked her if we could give her a blessing. It was a pretty powerful experience. I could really feel the spirit and when we finished, she was crying and I could tell that she could feel the spirit too and that she was touched. I then sang a hymn for her "Where Can I Turn For Peace" (You should review the lyrics, they are really quite powerful and brilliant!). She then promised that she was going to come to church yesterday without fail! We told her we would pass by for her so that she wouldn't be embarrassed walking in alone. When we got to church yesterday she seemed a lot more upbeat and like she had the spirit with her. All the members greeted her and it was really special to see all the love they were giving her after she told us how everyone had forgotten about her. It was a really special experience with this visit that we had and I was glad to be able to use the power of the priesthood to help someone in need. I thought a lot how much God really loves his children and how much he really cares and knows what is going on in our lives and knows our pains and needs. I feel like we were sent to help her and we did help her. I have come to love the lyrics to the hymn "Have I Done Any Good In The World Today" and have made it my "Theme Song" or motto. I occasionally go over the lyrics in my head at the end of the day and ask myself the same questions that the hymn poses. "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad or made someone feel glad? If Not, I have Failed in deed. Has Anyone's burden been lighter today, because I was willing to share?" I love those questions and love it even more when I can answer yes and the end of the day and say "I HAVE helped someone in need!" Mom, last week you asked me what I like most about being a missionary and I told you teaching and testifying of Christ. I was thinking more about that this week and I want to add that I really love listening to people! People are so interesting and have so many life experiences and stories to share! That is something more I love! We also had intercambios this week...I forget what it is called in English....exchanges? Our district leader came from Esqueda to Nacozari to be with Elder Miranda and I went to Esqueda to be with the District Leader's comp, Elder Graves from Idaho! It was nice to have an American Companion for a day and have some American/English talk! I think it would be kind of nice to have an American comp in the future! I think I talked his ear off a bit and he the same to mine. .My comp doesn't really talk to me much...at all....I usually have to initiate conversations with him because he NEVER does and convos don't last that long. And then I seem him with the District Leader who is from Mexico too, and they just have a grand ole time laughing and carrying on...I guess I'm not that great....Oh well.... So I have really wished that I had brought my knitting stuff that Hannah Sikes showed me, because I would love to knit on my down time. I don't want to have you send it, because by now I have forgotten. However, I found a peg-board at the house in Esqueda. Justin has one that he made Aunt Lori a scarf from this last Christmas. We also made hats at EFY for kids as a service project one time from this same peg-board time thing and so I remembered how to do it and I have been knitting again! Well it is different from regular knitting...much easier, but it is bringing me much joy! Ha! I am making a scarf! Hopefully next week I will have a good bit done and can take pictures of my progress! Well, that is about it for this week. Not much to report on! Thanks for your emails! I look forward to them every week! Love and miss you all tons! Yo se que vive mi Senor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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