Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013 - Miracles happen!

Hola Mi Familia! Welp, another week gone and today is the big day of transfers.....unfortunately we didn't have transfers. We didn't have transfers, nor the sisters in our district. I think they said that this transfer will only be 5 weeks instead of the normal 6 because the MTC receiving new missionaries and all we need to get on their schedule to receive new missionaries. Other big news for this change: they have split our zone. I think they are making room for a new stake. Previously the zones were according to stakes and each stake was a zone, but now they have split our zone and so there will be 3 zones in Hermosillo and I think they will be making a new stake here soon. Apparently as well the next time we have transfers we will be getting a bunch of new missionaries and so our ward and the ward of the sisters will be getting another companionship I think. Well, this week has been kind of rough and dry with it being week 6 and all and no one knows if they will have transfers. We did have various neat lessons and heard quite a few terribly sad stories from less actives on why they don't go to church. It is so sad and horrible to hear how mean and rude people can be and how easily people can get offended. It is so sad to hear that someone doesn't go to church and get to enjoy the blessings there because of other members who have offended them. It breaks my heart. This week we FINALLY had the baptism of the little girl. We went with the bishop this week to make sure that gas could be put in the tank to start the boiler and have hot water and that the water reservoir could be filled. Saturday, we arrived at the church early to ensure that everything would get done and that there wouldn't be any problems. We heated the water and it was nice and warm and the water pressure was quite fantastic and strong. The font was filled and the little girl actually came on time this week. Haha! The sad thing was that of all the people we invited, very few members showed up....only 4 and our zone leaders and the sisters. That just really make me sad how the members are not supportive sometimes and just dismiss things like it doesn't matter, when it really is important to support this little girl and her family who are new members. Well, we started the service and I sang a musical number of "I Feel My Savior’s Love". It came time for the baptism and I went ahead and got into the water, but the girl wasn't coming. After a few minutes, I go to the other side of the font to see what is up and she doesn't want to do it. I've told you all how she is very timid and shy and doesn't talk well, this just made it worse! She didn't want to get into the water. She said she was scared. Her mom kept asking her if she wanted to do it. Her mom really wanted her to go through with it, but she wouldn't get in the water. She said she did want to get baptized, but that she was scared of going into the water and going backwards. We told her that she could just bend her knees and dunk down vertically, but that still didn't happen. So I was just chilling in the water for about a good 30 minutes or so waiting for her to come. Finally my comp said a prayer with her and her mom and after a few more minutes the mom kept encouraging her and said that she would get in the water with her. The mom started in and got her feet wet. This must has helped, because the girl seemed more receptive to this, after a while she felt more comfortable and was able to get into the water. She didn't want anyone to see the baptism, so we kept the doors to the font shut and we just did it there with just her mom and the two witnesses. She went down once, but didn't cover her head and so we had to do it again. She went down again and all went well. So that happened. At least she was able to do it and God really helped her feel comfortable and at ease. I was very thankful for the power of prayer this day and that everything turned out right in the end. Well, that is about all I got for this week. Just 2 more weeks and I will be completing months again...but this time it just won't be any sort month completion...but 1 YEAR!!!! Yikes! I love and miss you all tons! Hope all is well! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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