Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013 -

Hola Mi Familia! My this week has just flown by! I seriously feel like I just wrote you all! How crazy! Yeah, 5 de Mayo came and went. It really isn't anything big here like I said before, but in the state of Puebla it is and since my comp is from Puebla he kind of made a big deal about the day. Apparently Cinco de Mayo is when Puebla won a battle against the French. So that is why it is so big, but really whatevs. This week has had quite a few events. We are really starting to pick up work now and it feels quite good! This week, 3 of us have been getting together to rehearse for a musical number we were going to do in Nogales Thursday. So we have been hard working on that. The older lady that I told you we found that was really interested, basically obsessed, with the church. She always loves us to visit and is talking quite seriously about becoming apart of the church. She is an older lady in her late 50s. Her husband was killed and she lives alone. She says her father was baptized towards the end of his life and she went to church sometimes with him. And then the friend I told you about that she lives in Hermosillo that she always went with the church and Family Home Evenings. She is so funny. She really is obsessed with the Mormons and the Church. We can't go a single lesson without her mentioning at LEAST 10 times....if not more....just how organized the church is and that we are very organized people, etc. She is funny. However, she works Sundays and that keeps her from going to church, but she says her co-workers are willing to trade some Sundays with her so that she can go one Sunday yes, the other no--or every other one. Another thing she is obsessed with the Joseph Smith Story. Haha! So we did a little bit of pleasing her obsession and we watched the Joseph Smith Movie with her....my how she just LOVED that! Just told us that she believes everything is true and just wants to be a part of the church. Well, she is like really basically ready to be thrown into the water...we just have to get her to church 4 times before putting a date. The boyfriend of the member, kind of fell this week! We went with him for our lesson Wednesday and before starting he told us that he wasn't going to be baptized on the 11th, this Saturday. He said that problems with his mom are just too strong right now and he needs to wait till things cool down a bit and that she can be more accepting. I think it was good that we called of the 11th actually. I don't think he is really ready anyway. But, we will keep visiting him and try to see when we will be able to put another date. This week, we really received a blessing! Apparently last week when we didn't go to church because we left for Hermosillo, this lady arrived at church. Her kids were baptized back in September and she wanted to get baptized, but couldn't because she was going through a few problems, but apparently went to church last week saying that she was ready to be baptized. We received this reference and went to visit her. Apparently she has been going to church since her kids were baptized in September. So we invited her to be baptized this upcoming Saturday the 11th and she accepted! So we are going to be visiting her like crazy this week-basically everyday- to review the lessons and make sure she is ready. But it is so fantastic, because the other date for the 11th fell through, but we were able to pick up another one quite quickly! Let's hope everything works out well. We had our multi-zone conference in Nogales this Thursday. There was only one bus that leaves for Nogales a day and it was at 4AM, so I freaking had to wake up at 2AM! It was HORRIBLE! It was a really nice conference though! Like I said, 3 of us did a musical number of "Nearer My God To Thee" and it turned out quite beautifully! Well, this week we sort of had a lot of desires to use bikes since all the Elders here have them, but us, and so....we went on a hunt and bought bikes on Saturday! Let me just tell you....Saturday was SO PAINFUL!!!! Oh my bum was in so much pain as well as my knees and legs! Oh! I do hope I can adjust quickly or I may have to return to walking! OH I haven't ridden a bike in so much time! I am not really used to it. It is fun and we get around fast, but oh how my body is not used to it..... One last thing...I received in my email today a few pictures....the Family in Hermosillo was baptized this past Saturday! AH! That just made my day! How fantastic! I am so happy for them! Well, that is about all I got for this week. I hope you all have a super fantastic week and I am SUPER DUPER excited that we will be able to SKYPE in just a few short 4 DAYS!!!!! AHH!!!! Until then... ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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