Monday, March 12, 2012

"For Real Though, Imagine How It Would Feel Going Real Slow..."

EH! So that line from "In The Heights" was taken out of context, but I am using it to apply to my situation--cause that is what missionaries - do they take the doctrine and apply it to others to share the gospel...anyway....

This week has dragged on FOREVER!!!! I think with Jared and Wesley leaving this past week, and then we have a district in our Zone who is leaving this week, I am just starting to get antsy and am ready to go! Don't get me wrong I love it here  and I'm sure I will miss it when I get out into the field! But Hey! 1 MONTH DOWN!!!!! 1 to go, and 23 to go! It has really gone by quite quickly. I just think it could hurry up a bit.....but hey! This is our week 6 (the MTC counts the first 3 days as week one so in actuality it is week 5 of 9, but here they call it 6 of 10) and only 4 to go!

Thanks for the card everyone! I'm glad I could be apart of your Family Home Evening! I enjoyed the missionary quotes and want to get them laminated! Thanks for the stamps as well!

Haha! So funny thing! Mom, do you remember telling me about how Elder Crandall was talking about the cereal tower challenge...Haha! Well, our zone tried to do that! Each district picked a tower of cereal to try and down before they could refill them. It wasn't really appealing to me so I just ate a regular lunch while everyone else was loading up their trays with 5-6 bowls of cereal! Well, a food manager person came out and told us that this was not allowed! Apparently they told us on the first day in our orientation that food contests are not allowed. I guess no one in our zone really payed attention or remembered that tidbit. Haha! So everyone was left eating their 6 bowls of cereal with no objective! Ha!

So at the beginning of this week I had a relapse of my cold. For 2-3 days, it wasn't fun! All good now....I think.

In response to a letter I wrote David a week or so ago. It sounds like he is doing well! He has a baptism at the end of this month!

So thanks for the cinnamon rolls mom! When I decided to share with everyone, they were gone soo fast! And everyone LOVED them! I think my food supply is getting low, so if you wanted to send some food I won't be opposed. Just not all candy! I'm gaining weight from doing nothing but sitting all day, so I need Cinch fast so I can get rid of it!

To answer your question about dear elder dad, we get dear elders the same day as long as you have it in by 12PM noon Utah time! So like 2 PM your time!

Uh! Day light savings time was such a difficult adjustment...I'm still trying to recover!

Rumor has it David Archuleta enters the MTC in a few weeks...!?!? :)

So this week was especially not so good because my comp got really bad migranes Friday and Saturday which forced him to stay in bed most of the day Friday and all day Saturday. It was fun for the first little bit and then I started to get stir-crazy and wanted to get out of that room! It was difficult finding things to do while he slept sometimes....but we made it through and it is all good!

So today we are leaving the campus! Yup! That's right! We are going to Mr. Mac to exchange my shoes! I get to go out into the real world for a bit! Yay!!!!

One quick story before I have to go! So our teachers make up investigators for us to teach and they are based on people they taught in their missions. Well, Nate (my RA and now teacher) based his investigator off of a guy he taught and baptized named Noe (pronouced NO-EH [NO-WAY] in spanish meaning Noah). Apparently he talked to Noe's friend Elvys, who helped introduce Noe to the missionaries, in December and he said Noe had been drinking again (he had a bad drinking problem before he was baptized). Well, Nate said he talked to the real Noe a few weeks ago and said he got his life back together and Noe was able to baptize one of his friends. He said he got his life in order about 4-5 weeks ago. If you think what was happening then: we were just entering the MTC and were introduced to our investigator Noe. Over the past few weeks we have prepared lesson to teach Noe and we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and prayed for his drinking problem. Little did we know that our prayers and lessons for our "investigator" Noe was in actuality helping the real Noe who lived the East Coast! Itsn't that amazing! The Lord works miracles in wonderful ways!

I love this Gospel and the chance I have to serve the Lord and to change lives! I love being a missionary and there is no place I would rather be right now!

I love and miss you all dearly!

¡Yo que sé vive mi Señor!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Joyner

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