Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Come So Far, Go Got So Far To Go..."

(Monday - March 26, 2012)

Okay, we don't really have so far to go, just 2 weeks....2 WEEKS FROM TODAY IS MY DEPARTURE DATE!!!! WAHOO!!!

So first off, I would just like to make it known that I have created a life goal to be in the Mormon Tablernacle choir before I die! Yeah, it's going to happen! Stephanie is in it with me!

This week is really going to be a fantastic week! Let me just give you some hightlights....

First off last week, I received my invitation! I have been invited to participate in a "Special MTC Choir"!


There is going to be an MTC Choir for the Saturday Afternoon Session of this upcoming General Conference this weekend! I am in it. You I expect all who are reading this to have their DVRs set to record, and their eyes glued to the tele this Saturday Afternoon at 2:00PM MST or 4:00PM EST!!!! Keep a look out for me, and send me a quick note if you see me! ;) I am so excited! I can hardly contain myself! What an amazing experience it is going to be! And we have some pretty powerful songs lined up! It is going to be a sight! What is better than 300 of the Lord's servants bearing testimony through song for everyone around the world to see! It will be amazing...anywho....back to this week!...

So this week is going to be fantastic because:

1) We have choir practice every single morning to prepare for this weekend, plus twice tomorrow because I think there are people coming to hear us and make sure we are all ready.

2) We are hosting this week!!!! I've been waiting for this since like week 2! Ha! We get to stand out on the curb and pry little newbies/greenies away from their weeping mothers, and carry their 50 lb luggage up tons of stairs and initiate them into missionary life! It's going to be a blast! I can't wait! And apparently this is the week David Archuletta is supposed to come! Ha! Wouldn't that be cool to pick him up! Apparently someone in our district knows someone who works here and they can look up all the info on the missionaries and so we have all the deets on him. What building he is staying in, when he leaves, ect. It's great! I guess he is supposed to be here for 3 weeks and then go to the Peru MTC or something like that...who knows!

3) WE GET TRAVEL PLANS THIS WEEK!!!!! Well, travel plans are supposed to come, whether we get them will depend on our visas. I guess we will find out this week if we have our visas or not. If not, it won't be another 2 weeks, till our "departure date" that we are reassigned. Those in our district going to North Carolina should at least get them this week. I have been waiting for this week since week 1 and it's here!!!

4) General Conference of course! I get to sing and get out of Provo, and into beautiful Salt Lake which I love so much and go to General Conference which is the best time of the year. Plus I'm singing, and then I get to sing, and see the prophet and all that grand stuff! :) So pumped!!!

So this past week we had the awesome pleasure of hearing from Elder Oaks and his wife! He talk was a live broadcast to all the MTCs around the world. It was really good, and his wife is so sweet. While we were practicing for choir that night (I don't know if I told you but choir sings every Tuesdays at devotionals) and we saw people setting things up. They had this chair up to the podium testing height and stuff and we thought, Oh Pres. Packer is coming to speak to us, cause you know he has to stay seated when he speaks in conference and such. Well, when the Oaks walked in, we were surprised! Apparently Sister Oaks was recovering from foot surgery and so she had the chair while she spoke. It a nice evening!

So our zone leaders got reassigned last week since their visas weren't coming through, so yesterday we had to do some leadership rearranging. Our district leader and his companion were called as the new Zone leaders and I was called as the new district leader for our district. So that happened! I'm not sure how I feel abou it. I'm kind of nervous and I hope everything goes well. It shouldn't be too bad since we only have 2 weeks left, but we have a crazy district! Wish me luck?

So how is the U-Verse treating everyone!?!? Sounds like Cole is lovin it!

Yay for tax returns! Thanks for doing that Dad! I appreciate it!

I'm super jealous that dad and Alex are now hometeachers to Miss Linda! Tell her Elder Dayne (That's how she should know me! )says hi!

So yeah, our teacher told us about the earthquake in Mexico! It was close to where he served and close to where the other Elders in our district are going. He said there was like no damage or deaths though which is good!

I'm glad you received a call from Aunt Melanie and Aunt Suzette! Yeah, we were just in the Celestial room ready to leave and I look up and see what looked like Uncle John and Aunt Melanie leaving. So I rush and grab them and we were able to talk for a bit! It was so good to talk to them and see someone I knew! It made me really happy! And then yesterday on our Temple I run into Brooke Wolfgram and I we say hi and talk for a bit and then say bye. Then she comes back and says she has some people who want to say hi! It was fun saying hi to them for a few seconds! It's great how you always see people you know at the temple!

I'm sorry to hear about Cole's derby race! What a trooper though! You will have to email me a picture of the car!
Alex, that is great to hear that your friend is interested in the Book of Mormon! I have some advice! Every year of high school at Christmas I gave away copies of the Book of Mormon to friends with a little letter and a note explaining what is was and how special it was to me. However, I just gave it to them and never followed up or asked them about it. Last yeah, I did follow up! I gave one to Hannah, and followed up and asked her about it and we ended up meeting with the missionaries for visit or two. And as missionaries we are always told to follow up on commitments and how important that is. So I invite you to not do as I did and just never bring it up, but follow up on his reading and what he thinks and if he has any questions you could answer. And if you can't answer questions, tell him you'll get back with him and go home and ask someone or find the answer! What a great missionary opportunity! Keep me updated on how things go!

Thanks for the stories this week mom and dad! I especially liked the story of the translation of the Book of Mormon in Afrikaans and the "Then I'll be Happy". A worked was actaully telling some of us missionaries that same translation story today. And the "Then I'll be happy"...I can totes relate! That story is my life! Ha! When I have a hard day or things aren't going well with my comp, I just think 2 more weeks and then I'll have a change of everything. But, I'm sure I'll miss the MTC and wish I could go back. I'm going to make these last 2 weeks count!

So apparently the Sunday after conference we are having a special fast sunday since it is Easter Sunday. We are told we are having a MTC wide sacrament meeting and a General Authority is coming! It should be good! I'm excited!
Well, that's all I got for now! Don't forget: General Conference. Saturday Afternoon Session. MTC Choir. Me.
I love and miss you all!
¡Yo sè que vive me Señor!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Joyner!

Sorry, I've been slacking on the quotes! I've had them, I just for get to send them: Here is the make up for the past few weeks!
"My Strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure!" -- Alfred Lord Tenneyson

"Dare to be a Mormon;
Dare to Stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm;
Dare to make it know."
--Old Primary song

"All men will certify by their actions, what they truly believe." --Brigham Young

"We are never tired so long as we can see far enough!" --Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I made this my [rule?] (sorry, I'm paraphrasing), when the Lord commands, do it!" --Joseph Smith

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