Monday, April 2, 2012

"Sunday...on the green, Purple, yellow, red water..."

(Monday, April 2, 2012)

¡Hola Mi Familia!
¿Como le va?

What a week! How disappointing! I was all excited and told everyone to watch for me and they only show me like twice in two separate songs and I was like in the corner of the top left. Well, sometimes I saw my chin and tie if that counts! Oh well...I hope you spotted the little tiny bit of me...more on that later.

So our district received their travel plans this week! And when I say our district, I mean our district...not me! Ha! Yeah, me and my comp were the only ones who didn't receive them... Maybe they are still coming? We will have to check my mailbox this week, but my guess is we get reassigned. We should find out next week if that happens. And mom you will be happy to know that I think they let the missionaries call home to let their families know that they were reassigned. So maybe you should expect a phone call from me next week whether at the airport of reassignment.

So I did meet Aunt Melon's friend in the mailroom! She was nice and was more than happy to take my extra stuff when I leave. I have a feeling I will be leaving more than I take. I seem to overpack a lot and I have some p-day clothes and such that I feel like I won't ever wear especially since I haven't worn them here yet. So I will just do that.

How are the soccer games going? Cole won any yet? Send me pictures!!!! I can get them on this computer so you don't have to wait to print them just send them! And the ones I asked for last time! Thanks!
How did "Island" go this past weekend? Was it good? That is one show I've always wanted to see! I like the music! I hope you recorded it...! What did Elise end up doing?
Yeah, the Tucketts Matthew was talking about in his ward were Jared's cousins I believe he!
Thanks for the package this week mom and for all the talks and quotes! I love them! Got that newsletter on the way yet? Maybe you could just email it to me and I will try to print it off here?

So when are we going to Florida? Is it this week or next? What are the deets?!? You will have to send me pictures of everthing you do so I can be in the know and feel like I'm there with you all! ;)

Someone has a birthday this week...!!!

So yeah, dad, Elder Branning left a few weeks ago actually. I thought I already told you that? Maybe not. But it was fun to see him here and meet him! Hopefully our paths will cross in the future with school or something and I will be able to get to know him more!

So I am performing my solo today! For the senior missionaries orientation! Should be fun! :)

I have a request! Could you look up the story of how the hymn "Be Still My Soul" and possibly "Master The Tempest Is Raging" came about? I have recently become very interesting in the history of some of the hymns. In choir the directors tell us the history of some of the hymns we sing! It is pretty amazing! It seems that so many are written during times of trial or dispair in the Author's life! I love how they are so poetic and meaningful! you can just feel the emotion in them! Aunt Melon sent me the history of "It Is Well With My Soul" this week. That history matches so many others. The author has so many trials and afflictions in life, yet still stays so true and strong to God and has so much faith! I love it! And most of these hymns I've become interested in are written by non-memebers! I love it!

So hosting! Oh it was so fun! We are actually doing it again this coming week! I was able to host 2 Elders, both from Utah. It was so much fun knowing everthing thing about the MTC and how everthing works and where everthing is and then getting to share your knowledge and experience with someone else. Especially when you know what they are feeling and going through since you have been there! It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again! I love helping people!

Conference! So wonderful! I was reminded a lot this week being in SLC and all of last conference when I went with Stephanie and all the fun times we had then! So we left here around 10AM and listen to the 1st hour of conference on the way up on the buses. When we got there we rehearsed our hymns with the organist that had been assigned to us and just did some general warm-ups. They gave us snacks and let us chill for a bit. We unfortunately missed the 2nd hour of the 1st session. After the first session we loaded the choir loft and they did it by height so of course I was in the back at the top...LAME! We they rehearsed a few times to hear the big organ and for the camera guys. Wow! What an amazing instrument! This was such fantastic experience! So great! After conference they gave us boxed lunches and we headed back making it back just in time for the Priesthood session. After priesthood we went back to the classroom and looked up the session and saw ourselves! It was neat! Did anyone see Elder Archuleta? He was in the last close-up in "Praise To The Man". Yeah, it was crazy because on Thursday during choir rehearsal I was not paying attention to people coming in and sometime during the rehearsal I start paying attention to who is sitting right in front of me and who is? None other than Elder Archuleta! Ha! I've seen him around a lot! It is funny to observe people when they see him! They have to do a double take! I feel bad for him sometimes because people come up and talk to him a lot and one guy asked for his autograph. I'm sure he just wants to be left alone and focused on his mission. Glad I'm not famous....yet! ;)

Did everyone enjoy conference? I loved Sunday's sessions! I feel like I got something out of every single talk yesterday in both sessions! It was great! How did Ms. Linda like it?

Our fireside last night was pretty cool! We have Vai Sikahema come--a former BYU football player in the 80s who went on to play in the NFL and is now a news anchor in Philly. He talked about how everthing he does with his job he didn't learn from school, but from his mission! He didn't even take a news casting class or anything! It was all from his mission. He had with him a guy he baptized and one of his former companions who helped baptize that guy. They had not seen each other in 29 years since the mission. They talked about how much of an impact missionary work had on that converts family and how it has blessed so many generations! It was really cool!

Well, that's about it! "Last week" in the MTC...technically reality probs not...

I love missionary work SOOO MUCH!!!! There is no other place I would rather be right now than here!

I hope you all are well! Thanks for your love and support! Miss you all!

¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor!
Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Joyner

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