Monday, April 30, 2012

"Move On...

Hola Familia! Wow! This week really flew by quite quickly! I was surprised! It has been an interesting week, a little tough, but okay. First off, the baptism we were planning for this past Saturday with Hermana Eva didn't happen! It was upsetting and frustrating! She is so ready to be baptized and knows the church is true and everything, but she talked to her sister this past week and is now waiting. Apparently her sister who lives in Virigina has been attending and investigating the church for 4 or so years and is ready to get baptized too, but she told Hermana Eva to not get baptized this week and to wait for another month till she comes to Mexico so they both can get baptized together. We have been trying to convince her that it is hard to wait and that she just needs to go ahead, but she is pretty set I think. We even had this really great spiritual lesson with 2 precious members, Hermano and Hermana Lopez. Hermana Eva has an addiction to coffee and loves her coffee and is having a problem stopping drinking....that didn't sound gramatically correct...forgiveness...She gets these really bad headaches when she stops. Hermano and Hermana Lopez had the same problem. They are a really nice couple! They were the first members in Sonoyta 23 years ago! How neat! They gave their testimonies on faith and how it helped them stop. It was a really great lesson! The devil interrupted us though! We were in the middle of spiritual moment and Hermana Eva's son who lives next door who we have also been teaching, interrupts and says Hermana Eva's daughter is on the phone. Ha! We stop our lesson and she takes about 10 minutes to talk to all the grandkids, ect. So that was disappointing with the baptism and all that... We had some other obstacles this week. It seemed as though we have hit a road block with all of our investigators. They just aren't progressing and ....yeah! It is really frustrating! Also what is frustrating is when you plan to go teach a lesson and then no one is home. That is upsetting. We don't really make appointments with people because they don't keep them or something? I don't's just something to do with the Mexican Culture. We may say, "oh we're going to pass by tomorrow, is that okay?" other than that we just stop by and hope they are there. So yeah, no body seemed to be home for us to teach this week. So when we have investigators not progressing... we "Move On" to new ones! Luckily, Friday I think it was, we had a break through! We worked hard it seemed on Friday and it paid off. We contacted a few new investigators who seemed really quite interested in the church and yeah...really interested! One was a lady and her 2 young children and then a reference from our branch president (he always has people for us! He is pretty good about that!), and then another contact of 2 teenage sisters. All seemed really interested and invited us to come back and talk more. We invited them all to church this past Sunday. It seemed we invited a bunch of people to church Sunday and everyone was like "Oh yeah, I'll definitely be there!". However...NOBODY was really upsetting! Oh hey! Speaking on Church on Sunday....guess who is the new Branch Pianst...yeah, me! Ha! The President found out I played piano and now I guess I'm playing Ha! This past week he just handed me the hymns we were singing and luckily I could play most of them, but from now on I'm picking...ha! Oh I hope this goes well....I haven't played piano in a few months, so I'm a little rusty! What else....That is super awesome that you had a stake conference with Elder Perry! So jealous! I'm sure it was good! It surprised me that a member of the 12 did a small meeting like stake conference in little ole Athens, awesome though! I'm supes jeally (Ha! Super jealous!) of Les Mis! Gahh!!! I love that show so much and wish I could have seen in...25th Anniversary Production!!! MAN OH MAN! Was the set not the same as we saw it, dad? I thought I read somewhere that they were using the same set design as the production we saw, with the projections and everything...hmmm.. God luck with the Eagle court! Wish I could be there! Wow! What an accomplishment Alex! Good Job! Have you gotten your learners yet?! :) Hey!....I just got you Eagle when you are younger than I was....hmmm... So about packages and mail everyone: I found out that the Zone leaders go to Hermosillo at the beginning of every month for meetings so I believe they will pick up mail and such then and bring it back. So hopefully I will be able to receive mail and packages at the beginning of every month. So there you go! :) So some pictures I am sending: Landscape of Sonoyta (you can see the Border in one of the pictures in the background! Ha! ), our shower and the electric cords that heat it, our water jugs, whatever else I find on my camera... :) Thing are going pretty well. I am getting more and more comfortable. It gets better everyday. I am understanding a lot more too which is good! The work is going! I love being able to preach the gospel every day and tell people of Christ! I love and miss you all so much! I can't wait to talk to you 1 WEEK from this THURSDAY! Exciting! Don't schedule anything that day! :) ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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