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Monday, June 17, 2013 -

Hola Mi Familia! Sounds like Dad had quite the special day; receiving a toy flashlight, a suitcase for a lunch box! How special! Haha! Yesterday in church everyone was going around congratulating and hugging the fathers for Father's Day and we brought an investigator for his first time. This one sister comes up to the investigator and says " Nice to meet you, I'm Sister "So-and-So" ". And then she ask him, "are you a dad?" He says yes and immediately without 2 seconds passing by, just gives him a big hug and says " Happy Father's Day". Haha! It was kind of funny! I really hope she didn't scare the poor guy, but I was laughing! Haha! The past few days it has started to be a little cloudy with the big gray summer storm clouds and appear that it is going to rain, but it never does. It just wants to trick us. But it has been nice to have a covering of the sun for a few hours each day. Actually Saturday night it did rain a little bit. It was a steady rain, but very hard and only lasted for a short time, but it was lovely! The rains are a comin! This week, has been kind of rough. A few weeks ago when we had like 9 people with baptismal dates and we felt like we were really getting going and all. And then these past few weeks things have kind of been falling apart. People have lost interest and don't want to progress, they move out of the country and so we can't continue with them, we find out that have already been baptized... (ugh! Our sweet lady! That woman...), and others that hide and don't want to talk with us. We have been trying to find more investigators my searching for less actives and seeing if they have non-members in their house, as well as going through old investigator records and visiting those people to see if they have any interest to listen again. But, unfortunately, we are coming to the end of our lists and are running out of ways to find people.... The new guy is...awesome! I still can't believe that he is getting baptized. Like we really thought he would never progress, but after his experience he is going head first and fast! We had a date set for this coming Saturday, the 22nd, but he has asked if we would wait until July, because it is a special month for the family of his wife because his wife and practically all of her family has birthdays this month. So he wants his baptism to be a gift for them. So we have set a date for the 6th of July right before transfers to make sure that the both of us are still here to see it happen! :) He said he was going to wait and tell his wife and her family like until a week before, but apparently he got a bit excited and told them all on Saturday. They said his wife about died and began to cry with tears of happiness. How special this will be for their family and I am so glad that I was able to help be apart of it! Sweet lady...well I really shouldn't have anything to say about the woman since she is already baptized....still can't get over the thought....but we are still going with her just trying to teach her what she needs to know and get her to be a strong active member now. About a week ago she had a birthday, but was in Hermosillo this day so we couldn't do anything. So Saturday we went and brought her a cake and she was just so excited and we all had cake and chocolate milk (with a special milk that doesn't make you fat!). She quite enjoyed her little celebration and just talked our ears off as usual. She said she plans to have a celebration where she is going to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes and a cake and then invite a few people, but she doesn't know when yet. How crazy! She wants to make her own birthday meal...whatever floats your boat! There really aren't anymore investigators progressing that are worth mentioning. Like I said, we need to begin the search for more.... Yesterday being Father's Day and all, of course I had time to reflect on my own father and the impact he has been in my life and all the other men that have also impacted me and have been great mentors and examples in my life. I am especially grateful for my dad and for everything he has done and does for me. Mom can be a softy sometimes, but dad is a rock and teaches us the importance of reality and not always having the things like we want them. There are a few videos that I have seen on the church website these past months that I have been waiting for Father's Day to share. Both have brought a few tears to my eyes reflect on their messages and how it relates to me and my own father(s). Both of my parents have made countless sacrifices to help support and love each of us kids. I can't even begin to think of everything my father does for our family. He is a provider, a spiritual example, supporter and even a friend. Growing up seeing friends who maybe never had a father, or had one, but didn't have the intimate relationship that one may desire, I have realized how grateful I am for the relationship I have with my father and for the strong anchor he is in my life. Mom shared with me a few thoughts and I completely agree. I have always admired how dad is always dedicated and faithful in his church callings and puts this great example for us. I will never be able to fully repay my father for everything that he is in my life, how he supports me in all I do, for what he has taught me and what he has and does do for me. I am truly thankful to my father in heaven for this man that he has put in my life and the blessing that it is. Maybe we guys in the family aren't as always mushy and gushy as some, but I can say that I love you dad! I truly really love you and am thankful for you! I am also thankful for both of my grandfathers and the examples they are to me. For their constant love and support. I couldn't have asked for better example in life than them. They both are also very dedicated in their church callings and to their families. Thanks for your impact in my life. The other video is still about fathers, but from a different perspective: My Heavenly Father is everything for me! I can't even begin to think or comprehend everything that He has given us. He is a strength and help in all times. I am especially thankful for the power of prayer and this special communication that we have with Him. I like this video because it shows the sacrifices and responsibilities of a father and then it helps us realize that all of that is EXACTLY the same with our Heavenly Father. He still wants the best for us, He still is always worried for us and He is ALWAYS there to lift us up when we have fallen. How blessed I feel to have this knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and we are literally his children. Well, I hope you all have a super fantastic week and enjoy the summer heat in your nice little air conditioned houses! Be thinking of me, ey! Love you all tons! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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