Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday - June 3, 2013 -

Hola Mi Familia! Well this week has kind of sucked! Haha! After having so many desires and ready to work last week we were ready to go. But then....I got sickish? Well, I don´t know what happened but in the afternoon and evening I started to have tummy aches and not feel too well! By the time we got home I was feeling kind of nauseous. It continued through the night, but thankfully no vomiting! I woke up a little late feeling a little better and I seemed to progress somewhat as the day moved on. We were able to leave after lunch and work a bit. the whole rest of the week was kind of yucky. Almost after every time I ate lunch I felt kind of yucky and nauseous again, but I am getting better! I am fine mom, so don´t you worry ‘bout a thing! Our sweet lady is having a birthday in a few weeks and she is just all excited! She is going to invite us over and another family in the branch and she is going to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes for herself and us this day. She told us to plan a few games to play so we are in the works for that. She is already calling herself a Mormon and is quite proud of it. Just two more weeks till her baptism....we think. She gave us a bit of a scare this week....she said she found her brother in the store this week...a brother that she had not seen or talked to for a few years. She was talking with him and mentioned that she was going with the Mormons like their dad did. Her brother responds, ¨well sister, you are Mormon, don´t you remember when you got baptized when you were 15¨! I about fell over dead! She says she has no memory of this whatsoever, but her brother says it happened. She said she always accompanied her father to church, but does not remember ever being baptized. Well, we are in the process of trying to have the mission secretaries look up her name to see if there is a membership record. We haven´t been able to get in contact with them too much, but we are trying. I am just kind of praying that she wasn´t baptized so that we can do it! Ha! :) She is just too precious and a fantastic missionary! She invited someone to church that she met on the street, and he actually came yesterday! That was an unexpected blessing! She goes around telling everyone she is Mormon and she has even got in a fight for it! Haha! Someone started telling her off and she said ¨I am a Mormon and you, what about you¨ and she just kept saying that! Haha! It was funny! She just keeps us going! We love her! We have started meeting with one of the member’s boyfriend’s again and he seems to be a little more encouraged and has a bit more desires to move on. He always seems to be a little exited or happier when we arrive to talk with him and he seems always eager to put another appointment. The only problem is that his family is very Catholic and he doesn´t know what they will say and if they will give him permission to be baptized. However, in a few weeks he will turn 18 and won´t need permission. But he hasn´t officially accepted a date yet because he is still scared of what his family will say. So we told him to pray and ask....we will work on that! I don´t have really anymore news on investigators, but I will tell a story I told mom already.... Yesterday morning I knelt down to say my prayers by my study desk and I open my eyes and a little ways away I see a little mouse staring at me! I let out a yelp and it goes running! I don´t know where it went to and how to find it/kill it and if there are any more but let me just that whenever we are in the house I don´t feel too comfortable because I have no clue where it is and if there are more...babies...yuck! This week something we studied was a part of the 12 weeks training program was how to help our investigators receive revelation through prayer. This is really quite a special topic and I enjoyed studying it! I can truly testify that we can receive personal revelation through prayer and that God does hear and answer prayers. Sometimes we don´t give our prayers the importance they deserve and we are really repetitive and such. But prayers are really something special. Imagine, we are having an actual conversation with God and he is listening! When we understand this, why would we want to be repetitive and say the same things....we should TALK to Him and really TALK to him and tell him what is going on in our lives and how we feel! I know that if we do this, our prayers will change dramatically and they will be something even more special for us! Well, that is all I got this time! It is crazy to believe that just 8 months from tomorrow I will be on a jet plane flying to the US....that is a crazy thought! I love and miss you all tons! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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