Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - "Half way through the Summer....... and 18 Months!!!!!

Hola Mi Familia! That is uber crazy that David gets home TODAY! You will have to let me know how everything goes Sunday. Time has really gone by way too fast! I met an Elder recently that just got here and he just graduated from High school this past year and I thought about it and I have 2 years since I graduated so crazy! Well this week has had its ups and downs and a few more ups than downs thankfully. Starting off the week we went with the lady and her kids and basically told them why we have been going with them and that we want them to get baptized, but that they aren't progressing. We told them that we wouldn't be passing by anymore, but that they could always pray to know the truth and if anything happened they could call us. They said that they liked the church and all and what we were teaching, but they just didn't really have time. It was sad to leave them, but we planted a seed and maybe somewhere down the road it will be their moment and they will accept. Despite leaving the lady, we have been blessed with a few new people to teach. There is another lady and her family that are a reference from a few members. We visited them 2 times this past week and taught the Restoration and the importance of the Book Of Mormon. She seemed to really like and be interested in the Book of Mormon and in our 2nd visit she said she really like what we left for her to read and she thought that the book was useful and could be true. We invited them to come to church, but seemed hesitant. We have also been teaching a little girl, an 8 year niece of a member. Her dad is a less active member, but her mom no and so we want to teach them too. She has gone to church a ton of times with her aunt and seems really excited to learn more about the gospel. Hopefully we can put a date and have a baptism in a week or so. This last week it has been raining a ton and as a result a lot of plants and weeds have started to spring up and so we have been giving a lot of service helping people to clean their "yards" and we even went and cleaned a school yard as a zone on Saturday. We had interviews with Pres. Hernandez this week and it was especially wonderful! I always love interviews and being able to talk with the Pres. He always has good things to say and I always come out feel renewed and ready to work more. This week Cananea called me with problems in the area with investigators. They were really worried about some things that were happening with their investigators and wanted the whole zone to remember them in their fast this week. Well the idea occurred to me to have the whole zone fast for all the investigators of everyone. So I talked to the zone leaders and we did it. We all exchanged the names of all the investigators in the zone and we did a big zone fast. We are already starting to see the miracles. Sunday we had 8 investigators at church including the new lady and her family, who found the courage and desires to go. That was a miracle. We also had a few new people go to church with member and so we will begin to teach them as well. Now for the reason I didn't write Monday. Monday we had a zone breakfast of pancakes and breakfast burritos. We all went to the church and made breakfast! Afterwards I didn't even have time to email or wash clothes because me and the other district leader in our zone had to travel to Hermosillo for a District Leader Conference Tuesday. When we got to Hermosillo, I called a Brother to come pick us up so we didn't have to pay taxi. That was really nice of him and it was great to see him again and catch up about his family. We went to Carls JR and then to the Assistant's house to sleep. Tuesday we had a fantastic meeting! It really was wonderful! I truly love meetings! I am a strong believer in Aunt Melon's "14 Article of Faith" "We Believe in meetings...." I always feel rejuvenated and ready to work after conferences and such. We got home late last night and here I am writing and washing clothes! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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