Monday, June 11, 2012

"Happiness is..."

Hola Mi Familia! What a week! I don´t even remember what happened most of the days. Let´s try and remember... This was a really nice week for a few the song from "Charlie Brown" goes..."Happiness is..." Finding a bunch of new investigators Receiving 2 packages (Thanks mom and Aunt Deb!....So what happened to the youth´s package?!?!) Completing 4 months in the mission Singing at a Baptismal service and watching the Spirit touch people´s hearts HAVING A BAPTISM!!!! Being with Americans The Lord really blessed us this week with contacts! It was really fantastic! Just another one of those little instances I see where I notice how much God loves us! Hermana Marisa had her baptism this week and so the District Leader came for the interview Thursday. The zone leaders returned from Hermosillo Wednesday and so they were able to bring my packages to me Thursday! It made me really happy! I don´t know where the youth´s package is though....hmmm.... I am loving my cliff bars! Thanks mom and Aunt Deb! For the next one I would like more Excedrin and threaders for my permanent retainer, you know the blue threaders? And possibly floride rinse if there´s room....I can´t seem to find any here... :( So we had the Baptism of Hermana Marisa Friday! My very first baptism in the field! And I was able to perform the ordinance! It was a very lovely day and the spirit was quite strong! I made the decision that I was going to sing at the service so I put together an arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in Spanish of course! It went really well and was a nice invitation of the Spirit right before the ordinance! I brought people to tears...not to brag...even an 9 year old kid! I absolutely love to see how powerful music is and how it touches people. I have been invited to sing a Hymn for a Quinsiñera this Friday (basically a coming of age party for girls when they turn 15) for a member. More on that later.... The baptism was really special and her kids were there and so it was good for them to see that and hopefully she will set an example for them. We are working on them now. It was so amazing to see the change of Hermana Marisa. Later that evening, we went and visited her and she just seemed more happier than usually and maybe had a glow about her! It was so wonderful to see! I also completeled 4 months! Crazy! It doesn´t like that long, but when you think that I only have 2 more months till I hit 6 is when it gets crazy! And what´s crazier is when I hit 6, David will be at 1 year! That´s weird! So yesterday in Peñasco after our District meeting we went to a really nice beach house with some Americans! I guess yesterday in church some Americans were on Vacay and decided to invited the missionaries to dinner, so last night we went and had dinner with Americans! It was so great! There were 3 families and probably like 20 of them and then us! It was so nice to associate with "my relatives" as my comp calls them and to eat "American Food" too! I became a little country-sick though. I didn´t want to leave them. And being in the beach house made me want to be on a family vacay really badly! Maybe when I get back....? In 20 months....? It was really nice of them to invite us! One of the Families has a Son on a mission in San Antonio and we figured our that I was int he MTC the same time as him. I was leaving as he was entering. The crazier thing is his name is Dayne too! But he spells it Dain, so it isn´t that cool....but you know.... I´m glad to hear that you had a good time on your trip mom! I embarrassed myself by literally laughing outloud at Holly´s experience! I could totally picture her excitement and all! Did you all go to Salt Lake or Timp? I didn´t mean for you to go out and buy me new shoes...although they do look quite nice. Watch, by the time I get them I will be out of Sonoyta and not in a rocky area...but who knows? I bought superglue and fixed the pair though. They weren´t the ones we traded actually. They are the ones I have worn more because of the other ones. So they are just a little bit more worn and I guess don´t like the rockiness! And I switch my shoes everyday. Thanks dad and Stepahnie for the poems! I appreciated it alot! You guys sent me the same one! I began to tear up a bit actually. Because of some things that happened today and what not and just the past 2 months in Mexico, that poem really hit home and were my exact same feelings! I am most def printing it off to read. I love poems! Especially if they have a message like that and messages of courage and triumph. I recently memorized 2 that I had brought with me: "The Road Less Taken" by Robert Frost and "Invictus" will have to look them up! They are great! If you come across anymore fantastic poems send them my way! Thanks for your emails everyone! I wish I could respond to you, but I don´t have a lot of time today so maybe next week. But I thank all that sent them! Well, that´s about my time this week. I had a bunch of pictures to send, but the computer isn´t recognizing my camera...maybe next week.... I love and miss you all dearly! Hope you are having fun! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner! e and miss you all dearly! Hope you are having fun!

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