Friday, June 29, 2012

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Hola Mi Familia! Since I didn't have time to think of a clever musical for this week, I still chose a musical "[title of show]" but to be more general since I don't have a clever subject to describe this week....what? Did that make sense? Anywho..... Well, first off, transfers happened today. Elder Melchor and I parted ways and I am no longer with my trainer, so no longer a newbie!!! Wahoo!!! So I will be staying in Sonoyta for another transfer at least and Elder Melchor was transfer to be a Zone Leader in Guymas. Que loco! Que Cosas! So today I get a new companion, Elder Castro. Elder Melchor left this morning at 10AM and so I am hanging out here with the Zone Leaders until tonight when I will travel back to Sonoyta and await Elder Castro's arrival with a member. He is supposed to get in late around 10:30 or 11PM. Fun stuff, no? So crazy! I have mixed feelings/emotions, but I've heard nothing but good things about Elder Castro so I'm excited to see what happens. I guess you will hear more next week. I'm kinda of nervous with Elder Melchor gone. I will still be Junior comp, but everyone relies on me since I know the area and the members. I hope we make it through.... This week it was brought to my remembrance....does that make sense?.....the importance of the Priesthood and always being an example and a worthy Priesthood holder. Sonoyta basically blew up this week! Ha! Understatement? Many problems arouse and everyone looks to us as Missionaries and Priesthood holders to help them solve their problems and such. The branch President and his wife are going through a divorce, teenage girls of 14/15 are getting married, having babies with the wrong people, another couple is having marriage problems, and it has turned quite violent!, etc. And everyone turns to us to help them. The thing is we don't know how to help. We can't council people's marriages or force others to be active. It's rough. Elder Melchor and I were talking and we decided that we are truly in the last days. So much wickedness and sad things are happening in the world. Poor decisions are being made. So many people need the Gospel to help them. It is just a challenge to help them recognize the importance and need for the Gospel in their lives. On a happier note....this week we watched the movie "The Testaments" with Marisa and her daughter. It's frustrating because we baptized Marisa but because of her job she has to work Sundays and we haven't been able to confirm her yet. We are still trying though. But anyway, we watched the movie with them and it was really great! I love that movie! So spiritually uplifting! Later that night we received a message from Marisa saying that that movie really touched her and her daughter's heart! How wonderful! We are still working on her daughter and son and will hopefully baptize them soon! Other event. We made a quick little trip to Penasco Friday to get my residency identification. It's just a little card that says I don't live here! Haha! But it tells what I'm up to! Sneaky, Sly, little demon am I! Haha! Ohh...what am I saying...?!? Forgive me I don't even know what the purpose is for telling you about my id....My head hurts at the moment and I'm a little crazy!.....Anywho.... Sounds like you all are just full of butterflies and rainbows! I'm so freaking jeally of this 3 churns of homemade Ice cream...for a youth fireside....Mom, what the heck!?! Why couldn't you have been in the Young Womens when I was a youth!?! You all think you have it hot! Ha! Funny joke! Just remember that I ALWAYS have it hotter and at least you have AC and don't have to be out in the heat all day long! Sucks! But, yes mom, the Gatorade powder made it and that was quite brilliant of you! I drink a glass everyday before going out to just keep my electrolytes and all going good! Elise and Alex, I hope you all have a blast at EFY this week! It should be so fun! I'm surprised Daniel is doing it. I would have thought that he is too old...I guess he isn't 27 or married yet right....!?! Have fun Cole, with just you and the rents...I'm super jealous! Funny stories: So we go to fill the big things of purified water at a little store really close. The water is in the big reservoir tank thing and it has a little spout for the water that is just PVC pipes. Well, we have 2 containers and Elder Melchor fills his and then it is my turn. I turn the spout and my container fills up. When it gets to the top I go to turn the spout off but instead I pull the PVC pipe out and water comes gushing out! Oh how embarrassing! Luckily we were able to get the pipe back on quickly, but I was soaked and wasted a bunch of purified water! The store owner was right there and saw and just smiled and didn't care luckily...but how embarrassing! So one day we were with Marisa talking and my comp said he likes to dance. I wanted to comment that I like to dance as well. However, I had a weird spanish/english moment where I spoke Spanglish. In Spanish you say "Me gusta bailar TAMBIEN" Tambien meaning also....well I said "Me gusta bailar TOO!" Too meaning also in English. Well since Marisa doesn't know English she thought I said a word that sounds similar to too which means pole. So, she thought I said I like to dance pole as in pole dancing....oh my heck! Elder Melchor had to correct that one fast! How embarrassing! Well, that's about it for this week. Hope everyone is happy and well! Here goes another week, with a new transfer, and a new comp, and next week a new President...crazy! Love and miss you all tons! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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