Friday, June 29, 2012

Reponses from Dayne to friends emails

************************************************************************************** Since I can't respond to friends by email I need to drop a few lines here and hopefully they will see it on the blog: ****************************************************************************************************** Casey: Thanks for the confession: You haven't received my letter because I haven't sent it yet....ha! Yeah, horrible, I know! Forgive me? I plan on doing it this week though! Tomorrow if possible! And then who knows how long it will take for you to get it...another month? Ha! Sorry! Congrats on your job though and keep me updated on your life! I loved your email! Miss you like crazy! Are you doing BYU summer? Have you and Carried gotten together yet? ****************************************************************************************************** Kaitlyn: Oh my freaking heck! Best email I've received from you! Ha! Well, I don't know....nothing can beat the adventures in the Coffee shop! I embarrass myself so badly from laughing out loud so hard at your emails! I absolutely love them and your stories....keep em comin gurl! I freaking don't care if you ramble! I can hear your voice in your stories and letters and it make me miss you so! I have a letter coming for you too! I need to finish it! I was going to wait till I received your handwritten letter, but I decided that is too cruel and not fair for you and I love writing letters too much to wait, so yeh, dat be comin gur! MAIA! It's Brittney Snitch....yikes! Candy sticks! Miss you tons! One of my investigators looks like/and reminds me of Emma....weird! Alex has a twin! I will be eating lunch with him this afternoon! :P *************************************************************************************************** Valeria P: Hopefully you will see this! Thanks for your email! I really appreciate it! I love reading your stories and thought! Their so inspiring! Keep them coming! I will write you a letter back, but just in case you haven't heard, the Mexican Mail system is horrible and it will probably take a month for you to get it, but I will send you one nevertheless! ***************************************************************************************

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