Friday, July 6, 2012

"And It's Gonna Be Another Hot Day..."

Hola Mi Familia! Que una semana esta ha sido! Que Loco! Y que rapido y que lenta en el mismo tiempo! Wow! I didn't know the heat was as bad there at home! Crazy! So you all know a little of what I go through, but at least be thankful that you don't have to be out in it all day long every single day! Everyone says it will just be this change and half of the next when it is really worse and the hottest and then it starts to cool down. And we haven't even reached the tippy tip top yet. I am thankful that I'm in a dry area though and that there is no humidity...that would be awful! I die just coming to Penasco! I think living in a dry climate for most of the past year between Utah and here, I've become accustomed to the dry climate and can't stand the humidity. Just to give you a little idea of how hot it is.....when we come in at night and our AC unit says that the room has cooled down to 82 degrees F and it actually feels cool....Crazy! So the first week with the new comp! How fun this has been! Elder Castro is really quite awesome! My first comp after my trainer! It has been kind of an adjustment because Elder Melchor was very lively and upbeat and loud, but he comes Elder Castro and he is more like myself: more laid back and chill and tranquil. It is kind of nice, but took some getting used to someone not talking all the time and being so loud! We are getting along just fine and I really like him! He is from Nuevo Leon which is in the North Eastern part of Mexico where the city Monterrey is. He is the 2nd oldest in his family and has an older brother that just got home from a mission less than a year ago and he has 5 younger sisters. He has been out 18 months and will go home in December. Only 6 months left for him! The crazy thing is, is he is my same age: 19--I'm actually 2 weeks older than him! Since Mexicans can go on the mish when they are 18 here, he left when he was 18 and will return just after turning 20. Crazy! We have had a fun time getting to know each other and I am excited for this new change on companionship and for this new transfer! This week was all about just showing him the area and helping him become familiar with our investigators. This has been interesting for me because since I know the area, I'm the one who has to make all the plans and what we do every hour of the day. It has been kind of rough because we are lacking in numbers to teach, but it has been good! Hopefully we will be able to find more people soon. We had been working with Marian and Issac, the 2 kids of Marisa, but something sad happened. They both attended church last week and really liked it and we had a lesson with them and committed them to reading parts of The Book of Mormon and praying about baptism. Well, we arrived the next day and found that Marisa was leaving for Penasco that night and that the kids were going to stay with her mom or her ex, one of the two, and so we didn't have a lesson. We returned 2 days later and Marian and Issac changed a lot! Marisa told us that the previous day, out of the blue they told her they didn't want to go to church anymore and didn't want her to obligate them to be baptized. This was really weird and when we arrived this day, they were really different and it was as if we weren't their friends anymore. I'm pretty sure it isn't the new companion because they seemed to warm up to Elder Castro quite quickly, but they Marisa told us this and they more or less confirmed it. It was really sad. We told them that is and was their choice and that we couldn't obligate or make they do anything and that their mom as well couldn't obligate them. But it was so sad! Hopefully we will try and get back in there and see what is really up with them. I think their grandma, Marisa's mom, said something to them. She is very Baptist and doesn't like us at all. So I think she may have told them something that made them not want to associate with us much anymore. So sad.... Also, Marisa wasn't able to come to church this week again because of work, so we have permission from the zone leaders to go with the Branch President to her house and confirm her there. Yes, our new President has arrived! They zone leaders left this morning for their monthly meeting and will meet with him. We've been told that we are having another multi-zone conference with Caborca again next week, the 12th, to meet him! It should be fun! And mom, we had another from our district leave. So in our zone we have Elder Castro and a newbie! Fresh from the MTC! It is always fun to get newbies and to relate with them because I know EXACTLY what they are going through! This one is a lot like I was when I came--very quite and "serious" as the others would like to call it. I try and talk to him though and help him out. It is fun to get newbies in the zone because then I can see my progress and how much I've grown just since I've arrived! less than a week I will be at 5 months which is just 1 month less than 6 months! That is so crazy! That means David almost has a year and Jared and Wesley already have 6 months! June went by pretty quickly and I am hoping July and August will be the same...Get me out of this HEAT!!!!! Well, I think that about covers it for this week! There were elections yesterday for the president of Mexico...quite interesting! I am personally voting for Josefina Diferent for a Diferente Mexico, but we will see how it all plays out....speaking of presidents...any news? Well, I hope you all are well, and surviving the heat. Just remember, I always have it worse and maybe that will make it seem better? Ha! Love and miss you all tons! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner!

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