Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"When The Rain Comes..."

OH MY HECK!!!! I feel like I'm on a time crunch because I took too much time to enjoy my emails! So let's hope I can get everything out before time is up.... This week started out fun! We went to Sam's Club! Yep, that's right, the same Sam's Club that they have in the United States! An American Establishment! This was the 2nd time going. We went the week before, but I failed to mention that trip. Sams in Mexico is kind of upsetting actually. It is the same, just Mexican stuff and mexican products. So you can't find as much as you want as you would in the US, but still good stuff. We loaded up on cereal and poptarts to take back! Fun times! Just to continue with the good start...we had a tinsy bit of rain!!!! Tuesday morning it sprinkled for like 10 minutes and that was it. That night it must have rained because when we woke up the ground was wet and it was still raining a tad, but not too much. So we didn't really get to enjoy it too much, but a tad. I had forgotten what rain was like! It was so lovely! On Tuesday when it sprinkled we were in the lavanderia washing clothes and I ran outside and just sad in the sprinkles! It was so lovely! I made tortillas this week...again....but this time all by myself! The family Armenta who I told you about a bit ago who are devout Catholics with a testimony, but the mom works in the Catholic church. Well, they found out I knew how to make Flour tortillas (there are 2 types, flour and corn. Corn is more common, you usually eat the corn ones with every meal. However, I like flour better.) and they didn't know how and wanted me to teach them. So I did! I actually remembered how to make them and they came out just fine! So good! For the 4th I decided to have my own little celebration! The day of the Gringos is what I called it and I went around telling everyone and they all wished me happiness! I dressed up this day! I had my red tie, white shirt, and navy blue pants! Pictures should be attached btdubs! How fantastic, no? And that night I treated myself to a Mexican Style Hamburger and "Thrifty" Ice cream from the USA! It was an overall successful celebration I guess you could say? It was quite fun actually! I missed my Americans though! :( No really special experiences to report on this week. Sorry! We have been working a lot with less actives and trying to reactivate. We counted and out of a list of maybe 50 members (there are more, but this list was from 2 years ago almost) there are only about 18 actives....sad! So we are working on reactivation and finding less actives. I need to brag on Elise right for a moment! Alex, I got Elise's EFY report last week, so maybe next week I can brag on you after I read yours. Elise, you really touched me! Let me just say it was really hard getting through that report without tearing up! I felt your spirit and testimony so so - so strongly and it boosted me and really touched me. Some comments....Your explanation on the Class of Christ that you took touched me the most! You description of seeing Christ's eyes and imaging being wrapped in his arms! I just lost it! So special! You did the variety show?!?! Props to you!!! How awesome! Did someone take a video you can send!?!? So was there still the Ice Cream mountain? But it just turned into a food fight? What happened? I think something similar to that happened one year when I went too. I'm impressed you tackled Isaiah! It is so much hard to understand those chapters in Spanish! I fall asleep reading! Ha! I have read Pres. Holland's talk "None Were With Him!" Soo good! The part I like the most or touched me the most is when he talks about how Heavenly Father withdrew his spirit from Christ on the Cross to complete the Atonement or something like that. I don't remember the exact part, so you will have to look it up, but it is deep! A New EFY medley!!?!??? What the heck!! What does this one consist of? Testimony meeting....that is one thing I found too whenever I heard others. People are same age have it so hard and it is amazing how strong they are, and we are so blessed! Pres. Eyring once said something like we should pray for trails to help make us stronger? I don't exactly remember, but quite interesting! What was the video of what you learned at EFY about? Is it for the website? I especially like what you said about prayer! We should just break down the wall and talk to Heavenly Father as if he is in front of us! I really like Alma 37:37-- when we pray the Lord will direct us for our good, not for what is easy in our lives, but for our good. He knows what we need and what is good for us. So that is my rant....thank you so much for sending that! I was so touched by your words and your sprirt! And every time I re-read it I am touched every time! Sorry, this was really short and half focused on Elise. Hopefully more next week? :) Love and miss you all tons! I feel bad that this wasn't very week will be better! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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