Monday, July 30, 2012

"And I'll See You Fly..."

Hola Mi Familia! This week seemed to "fly" by rather quickly! We would just have one more week left of this transfer, but since we started a week earlier, we have 2 weeks left. A 7 week transfer instead of 6.....I'm already DYING to know what is going to happen. Some say that you don't stay in your first area too long and since I have been here almost 4 months, that I will be leaving. My companion has a history of staying in his areas only one transfer and so he thinks he will be going, but only time will tell, eh? So sorry to say that I don't have anything too much to report on this week. Except we seemed to have had a "fly" investation in Sonoyta this week. Apparently before it rains a lot of flies show up. And it did rain, yesterday, in fact, but this week with a ton...and I mean A TON of flies has not been too pleasant! Pesky little boogers! We had an exciting event this past P-day, last week....some more Americans invited us to eat with them! We went once again to the nice part of Penasco with all the secluded classy condos and beach houses and spent time with Americans! They were all from Utah...and unfortunately Ute fans....but it was fun and once again made me think of family beach vay-cays! One day....maybe we will do it again...? This past week, the 3 youth that we have in our branch got back from a week at EFY Mexico! We had a meeting with the dad, who is our mission leader of the branch, of 2 of the youth and I had them tell me all about their week and everything they did! I was reminded of the experiences of Alex and Elise that they shared with me of their time this year. I was also reminded of my own experiences at EFY. I freaking love that program! It really does help build and strengthen testimonies and I really think I want to be a councilor when I come home! How fun would that be! Alex and Elise, these kids had the CD playing while I was talking to them and I heard the song both of you talked about "Never Be The Same". It is a goodie! A lesson that we had this week that has stuck out in my mind as I have reflected on the week is when we taught and explained "The 13 Articles of Faith" to the Armenta Family. You probably don't remember this family, but I talked about them a few months ago. The mom is a Catholic leader for the Catholic church and they all have a testimony, but won't get baptized because of embarrassment or whatever with their church. We sort of quit visiting them with Elder Melchor, but now Elder Castro has found an interest in them and we have been visiting them again. I really loved going through and explaining the Articles of Faith! It reminded me the things I believe and stand up for. I think my favorite is the 13th. It says that "if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praise worthy, we seek after these things". I had a conversation with cousin Alyssa the night before I left and she quoted this to me and it has something that has really stuck with me these last (almost 6!!!!) months! I have sort of made it my motto in life and I always ask myself before pursuing something or thinking of something or doing something or whatever..."is this lovely, or of good report, or praise worthy?". It has been really good for me and something I hope to never forget for the rest of my life to keep me on track. A little piece of my studies I thought I'd share: I have swiped a copy of "Daughters In My Kingdom", the Relief Society manual or book about the history of the Relief Society, and I have been reading it (In Spanish of course since they don't have English copies down here! )! It is really quite interesting! I find it interesting how it talks about how there were devout followers and disciples of Christ in Christ's lifetime who were women who would follow Christ and the Apostles around witnessing the miracles as well....or something like that. And also the talk of the importance of the Relief Society in Nauvoo and on the trek out west! Really interesting! It makes me appreciate the strong women of the Church and the women in my life especially my Mom and Sister and grandmothers! I love you all and am thankful for all of your love and support and sacrifices you make for me and our family! Well, that is about all I have this week! Sorry, if it isn't much, but not too much out of the ordinary really happened and I can't think about anything else to write about! I love and miss you all soo much and am so grateful for your love and support! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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