Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Sometimes When You Dream (Pray) Your Dreams (Prayers) Come True..."

Hola Mi Familia! Wow! Sounds like you all have had a busy week getting back to school and all that fun stuff! I envy you....no, not really! Ha! I do kind of miss those high school days! I'm glad Cole's birthday went well and that he got my letter! He is getting so big it looks like. He won't be the little kid I knew when I get back. Wow! looks like he hit the jackpot. If it is true what he says about birthday lists, then I better get started! So I completed my 6 Month Mark this past week, which all of you failed to mention, thank you very much, expect for a little blip from dad. 6 Months in the mission,.....do you understand me! 6 months! I'm a fourth of the way through! That is nuts! Time flies! And I just think in another 6 months, another 4th, I will be completing a year! Woah right? Well, now the moment you've all been waiting for....news on transfers......I was transferred! Yup, that's right, no more Sonoyta/Frontier/Border fun! It is actually really good! I've been transfered to Nacozari. It is another little town like Sonoyta, but a tad bigger. It is in the Sierra Madre Zone in the mountains near Agua Prieta, sort of by Nogales, but not really. Thankfully since it is in the Mountains it is a lot cooler and a lot fresher. We've begun August, the hottest month of the year here and it is a killer! In Sonoyta this week, I took my little thermometer alarm clock with me and it was reaching 113! So hot! So luckily it isn't as hot here and it will start to get cooler sooner. And apparently the winters are really cold here, so we will see how long I stay. It is a little bit prettier than Sonoyta too. A lot more greener with trees! As I was traveling here I was so surprised and felt like I wasn't in Sonora anymore. So here is what went down. We found out Sunday morning, I packed that afternoon and we left for Penasco.We stayed the night in Penasco and helped others pack. Half of our Zone in Penasco left! There are a lot of changes this time around I think. 17 missionaries completed their mission and went home and only 11 arrived so I think they had to close some areas or something with the missionaries that we have now. And it was the first transfer with Pres. Hernandez. So I left yesterday morning at 8AM with a Hermana that was being transferred. We arrived at Hermosillo around 2PM and I had to walk up the street to another bus station to go to Agua Prieta. I had to wait until 4:30PM in the bus station until the bus left. While I was waiting huge waves of elders came in with the buses every so often to go to their new areas. Apparently now we all have to go to Hermosillo first and then from there we go to wherever. So I met a lot of missionaries! The newbies also arrived with their trainers and one of them was a guy who was in my BYU ward in fall semester! It was crazy and nice to see him! So I left at 4:30PM and traveled to Agua Prieta and arrived at around 9PM. I then had to call the offices to tell them to call the Zone Leaders here. A brother from the Zone Leader's branch came and picked me up and took me to the Zone Leader's house. I spent the night with the Zone leaders and had a good time talking to them. They are both from Utah and have just a few months left. They gave me a lot of good advice on how I can grow this transfer. This morning I left at 8AM and took another bus 1 hour to a town, Esqueda where my comp was waiting for me with other elders, and then we traveled another hour to Nacozari. My new comp is Elder Miranda. He is 22 years old and from Mexico City. He is of the same generation of missionaries as Elder Melchor and so he has 14 months in the mission. Part of the advice that the Zone leaders gave me last night was it is my responsibility to step up and take the initiative in missionary work. That is what I've been praying for. A change that would help me grow in this aspect and so I guess Heavenly Father's way of teaching me and letting me grow is by giving me a chance to help! So I am a little worried about how this transfer will go, but I will just have to trust in the Lord and do the things I promised I would do to grow. Already I am feeling a little bit of that transfer blues from going to a place that I became comfortable with and the members and people I knew to a new place that I know nothing about and I know no one. It will just have to take some time getting used to it all I guess. The house sort of sucks and is really, really small and not that great, so I am going to try and find another one to rent. Apparently in the mornings we don't have water only the afternoons for some reason, so we have to wait and take our showers at night. Elder Miranda says that there aren't really too many houses to rent because so many people come in here to work because there is a Mine here, that all the houses go fast. We will see though... So that is that! I feel like I have typed way too much and I hope I don't bore you all. I just needed to get my thoughts out! Moral of the story: God answers prayers and He does it in the way that we need it. Well, I think that is about it for this email! I hope it isn't too much of a book for you all! Thanks as always for your emails and the pictures too! I love to see them! I love and miss you all tons! Here's to a week of new things... ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Much Amor, Elder Joyner

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