Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Umm....I don't even know where to mind has all of a sudden become quite scattered with reflecting on the week and reading emails/seeing pictures of cousins who are freaking growing up too fast and I don't even know who they are anymore.... Hi! Buenas Tardes? Umm....yikes! So....what a week eh? Ha! Quite an understatement I would say! Well, your week first... Ha! I think that is pretty great that Dad dragged the whole family to Elberton! Good times eh? I was quite surprised to see that mom spoke! Haha! I don't know what that amused me, but made me smile to read that. I remember going to Elberton once....good ole little branch....probably more like a root than a branch, but whatevs...haha! Couldn't help myself! Ah! What is wrong with me right now...I'm feeling a little weird I need some mental therapy! Another package!?! I haven't even gotten the part one of the 2 yet....ha! Actually, news: Apparently everyone in the mission has been interviewed by Pres. Hernandez except for me and so we have to go to Agua Prieta tomorrow for me to be interview? So who knows, maybe he will bring my package? Ha! I almost want to say fat chance, but prayers are answered! So Nacozari....hmmm...where to begin? Yes, since I didn't know Justin's areas, I had to find out for myself that he served here. We ate lunch with a Hermana Saturday and she saw the name Joyner and said that there was an Elder Joyner here about 6 years ago and he was from Atlanta and I was like, yup that's him! And then later that night, we went to go look at a house to rent (more on that soon) that is owned by a member from Esqueda, a small town an hour away and he did the same thing. And talked about how Justin played guitar and made jewelry! Ha! Yup, that's him! That was pretty cool! So I will have to get some names of people to visit! And no, he has not emailed me.... :( So Nacozari is an enchanted little town in the mountains. It actually reminds me a lot of Helen and Dahlonega put together. It is presh, but it is like in the valley and there are mountains surrounding the town and so it feels a little trapped and closed in like we are in the middle of nowhere and it is some prison town and you can't leave... but other than that, it's great! I do think it is bigger than Sonoyta. So yeah, it is a mining town which is what most of the people here do for work. There is also this big old yellow mountain which is supposed copper? I've decided I don't do well with change. It has been quite a long week. It has been hard going from a small town to another small town. It is hard to go from a place that you are familiar with and with people that you know, to a place where you know nothing about anything and you know absolutely no one! So yeah, it has been kind of rough and I have had to do that praying that I won't want to leave thing, but it is better and I am actually getting settled in. So first off let me complain for a bit, and I can because it will get better....our house is a junk house! I wouldn't even really call it a house. It appears more like motel room to me. There is a room, a bathroom and another room for a kitchen/study area, but it is all really crappy! Apparently we never have running water in the mornings only at night so we have to shower at night. However, all this week there has been water in the mornings except for one day! How lucky! AND we only have COLD WATER!!!!! That is the worst! In Sonoyta, I loved cold showers when I am all sweaty and it is hot, but since here it is much cooler and the sun doesn't heat the pipes in the earth, the water is pure cold! Ah! It is awful! Shower time is no longer my favorite time of the day..... We live right next door to some members from whom we are renting the house. They have animals. Not fun! They have chickens and the worst part...a addition 9 puppies that look about 9 weeks old or something young like that. Nighttime is HORRENDOUS!!!!!! There is no sleeping! From whining puppies to cocking roosters, ugh, it is painful! What else....the washer we share with the family and it is outside and like a bunch of washers down here it isn't hooked up to water so you have to fill it with water yourself until it starts. That is a pain, but I'm just glad we don't have to wash by hand. And the clothes air dry...outside! I've realized I was quite spoiled having a member who owned a laundry mat in Sonoyta! Well, yeah, I don't want to talk about that anymore! The good thing is, we have found a new house! It is owned by members and it is in the town central more or less. It is soo much nicer that what we have and even what I had in Sonoyta. There are currently renters there until Friday and so this next Monday we should be moving in....with hot water, an air unit, a stove, a washer that fills itself, no animals, and right next to a tortillaria where I can buy all the flour tortillas I want! We just have to tolerate this week...6 more days! So yeah! The branch here is nice, I guess...I almost want to say it seemed smaller than Sonoyta, but it is probs about the same size. It doesn't seem like there are a lot of priesthood though. The president is really neat though! He is a cool guy! They don't have a piano, so I thought that this was going to be a long 6 weeks without being able to play, but actually someone has a keyboard so they will bring that in and I will still be able to play! So something a little more spiritual....we had a lesson with a couple who aren't married, Jose and Karina. He is 19 and she is 15 I think almost 16 and expecting a baby. They are living together but don't want to get married for reasons I can't remember. Well, we were talking to them and they were telling us the questions they had and doubts they had about God and religion and everything. The question they had was totally about the first lesson and the Restoration! It is awesome, we set up a return appt to teach them, but they weren't there so we will see what happens with that....hopefully something! I'm sure there were other experience, but I can't remember them right now. Well that's it for now! I love and miss you all soo much! ¡Yo sé que vive mi Señor! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Joyner

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